V4U Homes has been awarded as the "Best Emerging Building Contractor in 2017"



Registered Office            V4U OM Manor, Plot No. 88, Marutham Street, KK Nagar, Peerkankaranai, Chennai - 600063           

Mobile: +91-9600188610                   +91-9884775578        Email: info@v4uhomes.com

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Welcome to V4U Homes. As the name dictates, we (V) are for (4) you (U). We are one of the emerging builders in Chennai equipped with a team of talented professionals and skilled labourers aimed at delivering high quality residential projects.
Going with popular saying "It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home". We know the value of your dream home and we make your dream come true. So, go on and browse our website. You will definitely find the website more informative and Interesting. Happy reading!!!

Why V4U Homes?

You can ask a question on Why should you choose V4U Homes for your realty needs? V4U Homes knows the Importance and Sentiment behind your dream home and we take every step to provide the best.

Our project meets the following
  • Soil Test Based Structural Design
  • Designed by Architects for Robust structure with Optimal Floor plan
  • Clear Title and Bank Pre-approved for Quicker & hassle free Processing
  • Designed & Built as per Vaasthu that paves way for happiness and prosperity
  • Quality Branded Materials used that lasts longer & forever
  • Customer Friendly Customization of Materials & Inner modification work
  • Rain Water Harvesting to Support the Environment
  • Projects Insured under Contractor All Risk Policy till Handover
  • Courtesy Maintenance for 1 year from the date of Handover

Our Creative Assets